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Design Keep Up With Your Resolutions at Home! New Years Resolutions are notoriously hard to keep, but not impossible! While we can’t help you get to the gym every day or cut back your screen time, we can help you find ways to tackle that to-do list you’ve been avoiding around your home.   Resolution #1 – Create a Clean Routine Kick off […]
Design Host a Stress-Free Holiday Dinner Tis the season for holiday festivities! Between Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and all the celebrations in between, the fall and winter months are chock full of opportunities to gather with friends and family for a warm meal. If you are in charge of organizing this year’s get-togethers, we’ve got a list of do’s and don’ts to help […]
Bellevue Real Estate A First-Time Buyer’s Guide to Mortgages Mortgages can seem daunting for many first-time home buyers. While becoming a homeowner is exciting, it can be intimidating to embark on an investment of this magnitude. We sat down with WBC’s resident loan officer, Jim Murphy of Movement Mortgage to get the best tips for first-time buyers  who are navigating the mortgage loan process. […]
DIY Preparing Your Home for Fall Weather As summer bleeds into the beautiful colors of fall, many homeowners are beginning to prep their winter-preparedness lists for the months to come. But getting a jump on the season and starting the cold weather turn-down in autumn is not only a smart idea, but a money saving one as well!   Many of the […]
Design 5 Tips For Small Yards Some of the best memories are the ones created right at home. From deep conversations over yummy meals to evenings spent with loved ones under the stars, the place we choose to call home plays an important role in creating opportunities for deeper connection. With summer now in full swing, you may want to enjoy […]
Bellevue News Organizing Your Home     Image Source: Shutterstock When organizing your home, knowing where to start can often be the most difficult part. Breaking the process down room-by-room and keeping the following tips in mind will help you get started and keep your home organized in the long run. Kitchen Given how much time is spent in the […]
Design Designing Your Home Office     Working from home is an aspiration for many of us, but to do so effectively takes effort. A disorganized space at home can be just as troublesome as a hectic office. The most disciplined telecommuters will tell you that you need a structured routine and organization in order to be successful. Having a […]
Bellevue News Tips for Moving into a Smaller Home as a Senior By Michael Longsdon For many seniors, there comes a time when the expense and upkeep of a big home no longer seem realistic. All of your kids have moved out, and suddenly, your multi-bedroom house feels excessively large and empty. Plus, it may be difficult to keep up with mortgage payments if you’re expecting a […]
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Bellevue News Five Ways to Incorporate Pantone’s ‘Living Coral’ Into Your Home Design inspiration comes in many forms, but few carry the cache of the Pantone Color of the Year. For two decades, the Pantone Color Institute has convened to debate and determine an appropriate color that represents the current times. In a tradition harkening to the pageantry and mystique of secret societies, biannual meetings are held […]
Bellevue News Bringing Your Plants Inside for Winter Winters in many parts of the Western U.S. can easily see temperatures that dip down below freezing. For many gardening homeowners, this can be troublesome when precious plants are concerned. Covering your plants with sheets may not be enough to save a plant from succumbing to freezing temperatures. Check out these ways to bring your […]
Bellevue News How to Stay Safe During the Holidays With Design and Planning While many people look forward to the arrival of a jolly red-suited visitor one night this winter, for all of us the holidays are a gift and a danger. All of us want to stay safe from burglary, and there’s nothing paranoid about taking a bit of extra time to stay safe. The holidays are […]
Home owner tips The Do’s and Don’ts of Hiring a Contractor     Constructing or remodeling a home is a complex, expensive endeavor. Ideally, everything goes as planned, and when the dust clears, the homeowner can settle in and enjoy the new home — and never think about the building process again. But what happens when, nine months after the owner moves in, the floor develops a […]
DIY Designing the Perfect Home Office to Work From Home In Style   Working from home is an aspiration for many of us, but to do so effectively takes work. A disorganized space at home can be just as troublesome as a hectic office. The most disciplined telecommuters will tell you that you need a structured routine and organization to rise and grind and get into work […]
Bellevue News How Reliable Are Home Valuation Tools? by John Trupin on the Windermere Blog What’s your home worth? It seems like a simple question, but finding that answer is more complicated than it might seem. Sites like Zillow, Redfin, Eppraisal, and others have built-in home valuation tools that make it seem easy, but how accurate are they? And which one do you believe if […]
Bellevue News Transforming Your House from Summer Home to Winter Hideaway by John Trupin  on the Windermere Blog None of us want to admit it, but Winter is Coming. The new season of Game of Thrones might not be until 2019, but your home will need preparation before then. As the days shorten, you can mitigate many mid-winter headaches with some preemptive prep. Proper weatherizing can help protect your […]