Windermere Bellevue Commons News March 12, 2018

King & Snohomish County Market Stats – February 2018

Median Home prices increased 22% from February 2017 to February 2018


  • Active inventory rose 3.3% to 780 properties, but buyers experienced no relief with the median price increasing a staggering 22% from February 2017 to February 2018 ($845,319 from $692,500).


  • Over half (52%) of the 529 properties that closed in February sold for over asking price.  The median amount above list price was 8%.


  • 68% of the closings were on the market for less than 15 days before being Sold!


  • Interest rates are a half a point higher at 4.33% than the low of 3.81% in September of 2017.


  • We don’t expect to see anything change and if the trend stays the same then we should see the majority of equity gained for 2018 realized over the next 3 months.
Feb 2018 YTD Residential Stats