Market StatsWindermere Bellevue Commons News September 14, 2017

King & Snohomish County Market Stats – August 2017


What’s Happening in the Market

Eastside (based on Residential Homes):

Low Inventory

The Real Estate market in August 2017 showed signs of slowing down, but it was interesting to see as home inventory fell, homes under $1.5M on the eastside were still selling at a fast pace while the upper end Buyers were being much pickier.


Less Sail-Fails

Another interesting thing to note was that Sale fails were continuing to drop which is a credit to more qualified Buyers and tighter contracts that are required when competing in a multiple offer situations.  It also was because of the pre-inspections being done before writing offers instead of requiring Buyers to find deficiencies and then renegotiate the terms of the contract.