Easy Halloween Decorations

Halloween in one of our favorite Holidays. Right at the beginning of Fall we start seeing Halloween decorations in every store. For some it’s easier to buy their decorations and get done with it; for others it’s more fun to decorate their homes on their own.

Here are some great Spooktacular DIY projects to make your perfect haunted home!

1- Trash Bag Spider Webs (Click to see the full description)

Easy DIY Trashbag Spiderweb Tutorial -- Fun video and lots of step-by-step photos! Perfect for Halloween.

Source: fastforwardfun.com


2- Halloween Door Matt (Click to see the full description)


Source: celebrations.com


3- Skeleton Dish (Click to see the full description)


Source: fourfrontdoors.blogspot.com


4- Spirit Jugs (Click to see the full description)

Source: eighteen25.com


Happy Halloween!


Posted on September 30, 2016 at 10:27 pm
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